26/04/1950 : The Motion

Mooted by 潮安联谊社、潮安第三区同乡会、宏安旅外同乡会, the idea garnered the support of 300 people and $100 donation for meeting expenses.

26/05/1951 : Founding Committee

Grand meeting at Tank Road at the hall of 端蒙学校 was held and a 35-member Committee led by 杨缵文 was formed.

08/05/1951 : Drafting of Constitution

The 7-member Committee was led by 林应标 and drafting was done by 祝业殷 and 钟焕明. The Constitution was passed on during a meeting on 23/6/51, which also appointed 林锦成 as translator for the English version to be registred with the Government officials.

15/03/1964 : Inaugural Ceremony

In the 13 years from 1951 to 1963, all attempts were in vain to hold an Inaugural Ceremony. Only after great support from fellow members and a generous $2000 donation from 辜美作  as a kick start budget,the Huay Kuan was finally established successfully.

The Inauguration Ceremony , held on 15/3/64 at Teochew Building at Tank Road, was graced by the ex-Prime Minister Mr.Lee Kuan Yew. A grand dinner was held to entertain other Teochew organizations and social leaders, filling everyone with high spirit.

First Executive Committee and Staff (1964)
First Chairman 杨缵文

Year 1968 : Purchase of Bukit Pasoh Property

In early 1958,Chairman 杨缵文 intended to sell 2 of his houses in Tank Road, unit 69 and 71 to Huay Kuan which was next to 端蒙学校, at the original cost of $18,600 for the erection of a new Huay Kuan building. Owing to the disapproval of the use of land for club house purposes from Government officials, the plan was aborted.

The Committee was thus forced to look for new premise and 5 property trustees, namely 黄诗通, 辜美作, 张衍德, 沈耀嘉 and 林绍霖 were appointed. In the process, an EGM was called on 23/7/67 and an approval was obtained for the purchase of property at 41 Newton Road. However, due to the disapproval from the authorities for some reasons, the property was sold on 20/6/69. No loss were incurred during the sale.

Eventually in 1968, a 3-storey approved building at 25 Bukit Pasoh was purchased. Accurately, Huay Kuan building was in service from 1969. The club house enabled the Huay Kuan to have a condusive environment for growth.

Bukit Pasoh Property

Year 1970 : Student Bursary Award

Awarding of secondary school students bursary started in 1970. Since 1972, it was extended to include university students.

Year 1978 : New Year Ang Pao for Old Folks

Since 1978, New Year Ang Pao were distributed to needy old members above 65 during the end of every Lunar New Year.

Upper Serangoon Road Property

28/12/2002 : Opening Ceremony of Building at Geylang Lorong 8

Due to the construction of MRT North-East Line, the Authorities informed Huay Kuan to relinquish the Upper Serangoon Road club house on 06/07/1996. After 3 years of lengthy negotiation, the compensation was fixed at 5.95million dollars. In Oct 1999,a plot of land with more than 5000 square feet from Unit 42 to 48 along Geylang Lorong 8 was purchased with $3.05 million. Led by ex-Chairman 翁烈强 and with careful planning from Chairman 蔡健铭, a significant ground breaking ceremony for the new building was held at 10am on 10/3/2001.

The building was completed in 2002. The opening ceremony was held on 28/12/2002 with guest-of-honour 曾士生, Minister of State of the Prime Minister Office cum Social Development and Sport Ministries. Many Government officers from China Teochew City and Teo Ann County, Leaders and members from Thailand Teo Ann Clan and Hongkong Teo Ann Clan were invited for the special occasion. A grand dinner hosting of more than 1000 guests at Suntec City end the event at a high note.

Building at Geylang Lorong 8

Year 2002 : Establishment of Woman’s Group

At the advocacy by Chairman 蔡健铭, a woman’s group was formed in 01/10/2002. Serving as a new force to the Huay Kuan, the members actively supports the activities organized by Welfare Committee and other activities, e.g. keep fit program.

Year 2003 : Establishment of Chinese Toast Master Club

The Club adopts the training system of the International Toast Master Club. Members master public speaking skill through the various activities to improve their communication skills and cultivate leadership quality.